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Ideal Body Weight for a 5' 3" Woman

How much should a 5' 3" tall Woman weigh? According to the data available to us the ideal weight for a Woman 5 feet 3 inches tall is:

104 - 127 lbs.

Ideal body weight figures can differ a lot from source to source, though. For a Woman 5 feet 3 inches tall, you may find may different ideal body weight figures. The reason for this is ideal body weight is calculated a number of different ways depending on many different variables.

The ideal body weight figures for Woman listed in our height weight charts are based off of statistics. There are also standardized calculations, though, that can provide this data. Those calculations are actually called IBW, ideal body weight, and ABW, adjusted body weight. Adjusted body weight is used only in instances of obesity to adjust the ideal body weight figure.

For a Woman the calculations are as follows:

Ideal Body Weight for Women = 45.5 kg + 2.3 kg for every inch over 5 feet in height

Adjusted Body Weight = Ideal Body Weight + 0.4 (Actual Body Weight - Ideal Body Weight)

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